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Claire Fuller Treasured Possessions

The book my daughter made: My daughter made this out of clay and paper when she was about four. She dictated the words and drew the pictures herself. It starts, “The fairies were playing on the mountains…”. She’s nineteen now and it’s been on my shelves all that time. There are a lot of books in my house, but this is the one I love the most. My daughter has moved on to other art projects now, but I’m still waiting for her next book.

A pine cone from California: I got married to my husband two and half years ago, and we were lucky enough to go to California on our honeymoon. We visited a few national parks including Sequoia where we went for a walk through the woods and I picked up and brought home this enormous pine cone. I had assumed, mistakenly that the biggest cone would be from the biggest tree, but in fact Sequoia cones are tiny in comparison and this one, I think, is from a sugar pine.

Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin: My Dad gave me this a long time ago. I can’t remember why or where he bought it from, but I’ve kept many things in it over the years. Most recently I would keep coins in it for my children’s school dinner money, but now they’ve grown and left school it only contains a solitary wooden Buddha. I like the fact that it has ‘Superior Reading Biscuits’ written on it, presumably because the Huntley & Palmers factory was based in the town of Reading in Berkshire, England, and not because biscuits are quite nice things to eat while reading.

Memory stick with music from my son: I like to write with music playing – often one musician that suits the style of the novel I’m working on. My son has been writing acoustic guitar songs for a long time and last November I finally persuaded him to give me some as a Christmas present. He hasn’t let anyone else listen to them, and I’ve agreed that I won’t play them to anyone else, but I’m allowed to have them on while I’m writing. Christmas has come and gone, as has my birthday. He’s been putting off giving them to me, but this weekend I’m going to visit him at university and I’m taking this memory stick with me, and I will be coming back with his music.

Claire Fuller's latest novel Our Endless Numbered Days is published by Fig Tree.