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Hansen & Lydersen

451life partnered with Hansen & Lydersen to offer a time limited 30% discount on all purchases of smoked salmon.

Hansen & Lydersen smoke salmon the true Norwegian way.

They source their salmon from a sustainable farm in the extreme wilderness between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, and ensure it is prepared less than 48 hours after it has been fished. They are extremely demanding with their suppliers when it comes to sustainable harvesting standards and welfare practices. This is the best farmed salmon in the world from one of the last family run fish farms.

Each Hansen & Lydersen salmon is carefully hand-filleted and hand-salted according to a family recipe devised by Norwegian fishmonger Lyder-Nilsen Lydersen in 1923. 

It is then traditionally hung and slowly cold-smoked in the brick kiln of our Stoke Newington smokehouse where it moves in the wind for 12 hours. They use a unique blend of juniper and beech wood for a pleasantly sharp and piquant aroma. The wood shavings are responsibly sourced, 100% pure wood – with zero chemicals.

Hansen & Lydersen salmon is always made to order, and delivered pure and fresh out of the kiln. It's never frozen, never vacuum-packed, and never wrapped in plastic.

The resulting salmon is intensely delicious, strong-coloured and smooth textured: a must-try if you haven’t already!