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Credibility not Celebrity

Credibility not celebrity

Welcome to – a place where you will discover truly original talent through beautiful films and wonderful writing; hand-picked offers and regular events.

451life was founded by ex-Lifestyle Publisher Lorraine Dickey with a desire to bring a real experience of the world of lifestyle to a wide audience. likes to get to know people. We like to get under the skin of their process. In fact we don't really like the word lifestyle. 451life is about 'the good things in life': food, design, writing, outdoors, gardens, craftsmanship, and more... launched earlier this year with the help and support of a team of not-so-behind-the-scenes experts from film, digital media, ecommerce, membership clubs and literary publishing. We have a growing roster of talented writers, chefs, garden designers, designers and artists contributing to our content and working with us on our exciting events and offers. Our fantastic Board includes Nicole Vanderbilt, Nick Lisher, and Sir Terence Conran.

We believe in credibility not celebrity and offer an experience of lifestyle that is free and open to all. We hope all our visitors enjoy and share this experience widely. As an online club we also offer benefits to members and their guests and these can be seen in our dedicated Offer and Events pages. Some are available free to visitors but most are restricted to our registered members. So do please enjoy the experience but consider joining the club to receive all the benefits.

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Members of benefit from amazing offers from our talented contributors and invitations to very special events. These are growing all the time.

Members also receive regular newsletters with behind-the-scenes news about content in the pipeline and early bird opportunities to events and offers.

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