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Food for the City

‘Believe it or not, it is a farm’, says Michel Roux Jr in one of our best subjects and films to date. The sustainability message is clear and the science is intriguing but it is the location that blows your mind. If ever there was an argument for location, location, location this is it. Thirty-three metres under Clapham Common this subterranean farm produces over 2,000 packs of micro herbs and salad per day. From micro broccoli and celery to pea shoots and wasabi mustard Growing Underground supplies Londoners with this amazing produce within 8-12 hours from harvest. Here we see Michel Roux taking about the sheer childlike adventure of these secret tunnels and the explosion of flavour that results from this very controlled environment. We hear about the early days of trial and error and the process from germination to harvest.

There is a wonderful serendipity in the fact that these tunnels, used by Londoners during WW2 are now used to feed Londoners. Even the stacked system they use to grow the herbs and salads mirrors the bunk beds used to harbour around 8,000 people.

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