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Fortune Teller

This was one of the first films we made for 451. It was filmed at Tatty Devine HQ. We went along to talk to Harriet Vine about the Tatty Devine Autumn Collection but ended up getting an insight into her creative process and discovering what makes an idea a Tatty Devine idea.

The inspiration for the Fortune Teller collection was described by Harriet as science and yet not science, as coming from the world of telekinesis and clairvoyance. This progressed to gypsies and fortune tellers and ‘cross my palm with silver’ and the final piece (described by Harriet as ‘delicious’) comprised hands and a crystal ball.

Working alongside the thought process is the practical instinct of the designer – what does the material add to the idea, how will it work? Tatty Devine are synonymous with laser cut acrylic – what extra element or challenge does that bring to this collection?

There are many interesting and revealing moments in this film but what comes across most strongly is the drive and joy Harriet has in making something that has not been made before.