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Jeremy Lee Fines Herbes 2

‘When you get Frances cooking with her herbs, with her eggs – this is how it should be’.

The neutral background of a mini omelette is a good tasting environment for fresh herbs. It's perfect for that before and after comparison and an opportunity to discuss the correct ingredients for Fines Herbes, whether sweet cicely is a good substitute for parsley and the problems with chervil. For us this was a way to learn about taste and tasting and to be with two people not just doing their jobs but also indulging in their passion for ‘great, pure and clean flavours’.

In Fines Herbes 1 Jeremy talks about experimenting and about the relationship between ingredients and cooking becoming ‘more and more about less and less’. This film shows that to great effect and it also inspired Jeremy to return to Quo Vadis and put an herb omelette on the menu.

‘When Frances cooks it is a reaffirmation and reassurance that an omelette with herbs is one of the most delicious things you can possibly eat’.