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The Honest Artisan

Having watched Ole at work and tasted his salmon we wanted to find out what it meant to him to be an artisan. How would he define that term and how would he describe the journey he is on?

In this film Ole talks to us about what came first. His desire to create a taste from his childhood and then his moment of realisation that he did not have to return to Norway to do that, he could do it in London. Ole says in the film that ‘we are just communicating exactly what we do’. That is more a distillation than a description. The day to day process is intuitive and repetitive but it comes from taste memory, a hands on knowledge, an ability to problem solve and persistence.

This is not about ‘how to’ but about creating and telling a story – every day. His suppliers, all family businesses, are all part of that; from the salt used at the start of the process to the wood in the smokehouse to the paper used to wrap the final product.