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Harriet Vine

Harriet Vine is a true original. Her work challenges convention, sparks conversation and perhaps most importantly is witty and wearable. Tatty Devine jewellery references objects both from the real world and the imaginary world such as the Fortune Telling pieces from a previous collection which she discussed with 451life.

Harriet studied Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art where she met her business partner, Rose Wolfenden and they have been running Tatty Devine together since 1999. Their work blurs the boundaries between art and fashion and challenges the conventions of scale and function in adornment. They are most famous for their laser cut Perspex pieces but they use a variety of materials from as wood to enamel, leather and fabric - in fact anything that catches their imagination.

Harriet Vine is surprising, innovative and has a quintessentially British sensibility. She is constantly striving for originality but never losing site of the premise that anyone can wear Tatty Devine jewellery and that it should be fun.

Website: tattydevine.com
Twitter: @tattydevine