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451 Talks to Sabrina Ghayour

Sabrina Ghayour’s cookbooks are international bestsellers and her twitter account and website have become the go-to destination for Middle Eastern recipes and ingredient wisdom.

We wanted to meet Sabrina because as she reveals in this film she didn’t set out to become the poster girl for Middle Eastern food – she started a supper club, cooked great food, worked hard and the word spread. Her's is not a story about hype, simply about talent and hard work and deft use of social media. As she tells us in this film, her first forays into cooking were not some ancient recipe learnt from her mother’s knee but boil in the bag rice and kosher sausages. She didn’t cook Persian food at her first supper clubs but they became an overnight success when she returned to her roots and started to explore and share.

Her mantra and indeed good advice for anyone cooking for friends – please yourself before pleasing others. While she was with us Sabrina very generously supplied lunch.